ten Ways to Say Gorgeous for the Spanish | Hermosa Definition & A lot more

ten Ways to Say Gorgeous for the Spanish | Hermosa Definition & A lot more

Foreign-language was a beautiful words, a common technique for discussing anybody or something like that as beautiful manage become Hermosa, meaning “beautiful” and you can “gorgeous”.

In this article, we are going to look into different methods for you to give an excellent charming Foreign-language speaker that you like how they search having fun with conversational Spanish . We will be sharing the distinctions within these adjectives such Linda (lovely), Hermosa (gorgeous) and you can Bella (beautiful), and you may give an explanation for better affairs of the incorporate.

If the smash reciprocates your emotions and you are clearly prepared to need the next phase it would be worth teaching themselves to say I enjoy you in Foreign-language .


Hermosa, definition stunning, was a high standard of charm than something that you you’ll identify as the fairly. That it adjective inside Foreign-language is usually made use of whenever complimenting female. You should use that it word carefully, since when used on feminine, it offers a enchanting flair so you can they.

It adjective are female, and thus it can just be always determine an effective gorgeous woman otherwise very girl, as well as other Foreign-language nouns which might be feminine.

Bella / Bello

It is a secure, all-mission Language adjective that can be used in order to mean “beautiful” or “lovely”. It’s sometime formal however it normally define sets from breathtaking some one, breathtaking attire, a beautiful have a look at, otherwise a beautiful brain.

Guapa / Guapo

This adjective fundamentally form “handsome” or “beautiful” and it’s really almost exclusively always establish one and you will isn’t really most used for stunning objects or metropolitan areas. You do listen to female are named Guapa, but it’s usual to learn her or him being titled Bonita.

Mona / Mono

So it word enjoys various among the numerous significance. Whenever used just like the an enthusiastic adjective, it is frequently employed so you’re able to indicate “cute”, “nice” or “tender”. Make use of this term intelligently because Spanish nickname may also mean “monkey”

Preciosa / Precioso

This adjective is similar to the latest English word “precious”, in Foreign language, moreover it has got the meaning of “gorgeous”. This term can be used to mention some body otherwise items which you thought most stunning!

Atractiva / Atractivo

Which adjective virtually mode “attractive”. It can be used in the literally in the same way as the for the English to describe people, urban centers or points gorgeousbrides.net offizielle Website that are fantastic-searching otherwise tempting.

Chula / Chulo

That it adjective was an informal term meaning “cute” or “fairly.” Female family and friends label both so it keyword given that good name of endearment and you may men will get call their feminine significant anybody else it in the same, sweet method.

Divina / Divino

Which adjective is actually a pleasant definition, and you also probably will not listen to they usually. It indicates “divine”; this might be, per Jesus. it is used to define some body, objects, otherwise places that have higher beauty, and also lovely anyone.


Various other adjective that is much like the English definition “radiant” or “beaming”. it may suggest “splendid” or “happy.” It isn’t merely limited to outlining someone but cities or anything also. It is reasonably important to note There is no masculine/women version for this Language adjective.


The translation of Spanish adjective was “pleasant” or “nice”. You can make use of so it word to spell it out places, someone, and you may stuff but if you utilize this term to spell it out good people, that it generally denotes that they are “pleasant”. Indeed there also isn’t a male/female variation because of it keyword.


This phrase is derived right from the English meaning “sexy”. The fresh spelling can vary and frequently it’s written because the Sexi to help you better match Foreign language spelling legislation. Although this adjective is often times familiar with describe a guy, it can be regularly define things like videos otherwise gowns.

You’re Able to have good Foreign-language Summer away from Loving!

Well-done, with these attractive, tempting and you may joyous adjectives you’re on your way so you can to-be an effective Foreign-language Casanova. It is essential to lay all of that language into the behavior and most practical method to achieve that is through the help of Foreign-language teachers .

If you have currently settled off together with your crush or trying increase your family, envision together with your loved ones inside Language reading.

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