Crafting in Albion Online: A Comprehensive Guide


Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG that offers a wide range of activities, including crafting. Crafting is a fundamental aspect of the game that allows players to create their own gear, consumables, buildings, and even furniture. It is a complex system that requires players to gather resources, refine them, and then use them to create items. Crafting plays a crucial role in the game, as it is the primary way for players to obtain high-quality gear and items.

One of the most important aspects of crafting in Albion Online is that it is a player-driven economy. The game does not include NPCs that sell gear or items, so players must rely on each other for their needs. This creates a unique social dynamic where players must engage in trade and commerce to obtain the items they need. It also means that crafting is a lucrative profession, as players can sell their crafted items for a profit.

A player crafting at a forge

Another important aspect of crafting in Albion Online is that it is a skill-based system. Players must level up their crafting skills to unlock new recipes and improve the quality of the items they create. As players progress, they can specialize in different crafting disciplines, such as weaponsmithing, armorsmithing, cooking, or alchemy. Each discipline requires a different set of resources and has its own unique recipes and items to create.

Overall, crafting in Albion Online is a complex and rewarding system that offers players a wide range of opportunities to create, trade, and profit. Whether you are a solo player or a member of a guild, crafting is an essential part of the game that can help you progress and succeed.

Gathering Resources

Gathering resources is essential for crafting in Albion Online. There are five different gathering professions: Miner, Lumberjack, Quarrier, Skinner, and Fibre Harvester. Each profession specializes in gathering a specific type of resource, and players can level up each profession by gathering resources and crafting items.

The best locations to gather specific resources can vary, but generally, certain biomes are better for certain gathering professions. For example, Miners will find the most valuable resources in mountainous areas, while Lumberjacks will find the best resources in forested areas. Quarriers will find the best resources in stone-rich areas, while Skinners will find the best resources in areas with animals. Fibre Harvesters will find the best resources in grassy areas.

To maximize gathering efficiency, players should consider a few tips:

  • Focus on one profession at a time. While it can be tempting to gather resources for multiple professions at once, it’s more efficient to focus on one profession at a time and level it up as quickly as possible.
  • Use gathering gear. Gathering gear provides bonuses to gathering speed and yield, making it essential for maximizing efficiency. Players should invest in gathering gear as soon as possible.
  • Join a guild. Joining a guild can provide access to better gathering locations and resources, as well as additional bonuses to gathering efficiency.
  • Consider using a mount. Mounts can increase gathering efficiency by allowing players to move quickly between gathering locations and carry more resources.

Overall, gathering resources is a crucial part of crafting in Albion Online. By focusing on one profession at a time, using gathering gear, joining a guild, and using a mount, players can maximize their gathering efficiency and level up their professions quickly.

A player gathering resources

Refining Materials

After gathering resources, the next step in crafting items in Albion Online is refining. This process involves turning raw materials into more valuable resources that can be used to craft higher tier items. Refining is an essential part of the crafting process and requires a player to specialize in one or more refining professions.

Overview of the different refining professions

There are six different refining professions in Albion Online: Smelter, Tanner, Fletcher, Imbuer, Clothier, and Runecrafter. Each profession specializes in refining a different type of resource, such as ore, leather, wood, or cloth. To become a proficient refiner, players must level up their desired profession by refining materials and completing crafting tasks.

Each profession has its own unique perks and bonuses. For example, the Smelter has the ability to refine ore into ingots, which can be used to craft metal armor and weapons. The Imbuer can refine resources into enchanted materials, which can be used to craft powerful magical items. Choosing which refining profession to specialize in should depend on the player’s preferred playstyle and crafting goals.

Explanation of refining process

The refining process involves turning raw materials into more valuable resources through the use of focus points, which can be acquired by crafting items or completing daily challenges. When refining materials, players can choose to use focus points to increase the yield of refined resources. This means that players can receive more refined resources per raw material used, making refining more efficient and cost-effective.

Refining also has a chance to produce rare resources, which can be used to craft higher tier items. The chance of producing rare resources is increased when using focus points, making it a valuable resource for crafting high-end gear.

Tips for maximizing refining efficiency

One way to maximize refining efficiency is by using focus points to increase yield. By doing so, players can receive more refined resources per raw material, allowing them to craft more items at a lower cost. Another way to increase efficiency is by refining in bulk. This allows players to save time by refining large quantities of resources in one go.

It’s also important to choose the right refining profession for the items being crafted. For example, if a player is crafting metal armor and weapons, they should specialize in Smelting, as it specializes in refining ore into ingots. Similarly, if a player is crafting magical items, they should specialize in Imbuing, as it specializes in refining resources into enchanted materials.

Lastly, it’s important to keep an eye on the market prices of refined resources. Refining can be a lucrative business, and players should take advantage of high market prices by selling their refined resources for a profit.

A player refining ore into ingots using a Smelter profession

Crafting Equipment and Items

Albion Online offers a diverse range of crafting professions, each with its unique items, materials, and techniques. Whether you prefer to create weapons and armor, gather resources, or brew potions, there is a profession for you. The crafting process involves gathering resources, refining them, and then creating items using specialized tools and stations.

Overview of Crafting Professions

There are eight crafting professions in Albion Online, each with a different focus:

  • Weaponsmith: creates melee weapons such as swords and axes.
  • Armorsmith: creates armor, helmets, and shoes.
  • Bowyer: creates ranged weapons such as bows and crossbows.
  • Fletcher: creates arrows and bolts for ranged weapons.
  • Mage: creates magical staffs and wands.
  • Artifact: creates powerful and unique items with special abilities.
  • Toolmaker: creates gathering tools such as pickaxes and sickles.
  • Imbuer: imbues equipment with magical properties.

Crafting Process Explanation

The crafting process involves gathering raw materials such as wood, ore, leather, and cloth, refining them into usable materials such as planks, bars, and leather, and then crafting items using specialized stations such as forges, looms, and enchanting tables. Each crafting profession has its unique set of materials, stations, and techniques.

Tips for Maximizing Crafting Efficiency

Maximizing your crafting efficiency is crucial to succeed in Albion Online’s economy. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Focus on a few crafting professions: Trying to master all crafting professions is time-consuming and resource-intensive. Focus on a few professions that complement each other, such as weaponsmith and armorsmith or mage and imbuer.
  • Join a guild: Joining a guild can provide you with access to resources, stations, and specialization bonuses. It can also help you find buyers for your crafted items.
  • Invest in your crafting stations: Upgrading your crafting stations can increase your crafting speed, reduce your resource consumption, and improve your item quality.
  • Craft items with high demand: Research the market to identify items with high demand and low supply. Focus on crafting those items to maximize your profits.

List of Popular and Profitable Crafted Items

Here are some popular and profitable crafted items in Albion Online:

  • Plate armor: Plate armor is in high demand, especially the higher tiers. You can craft it using armorsmithing.
  • Melee weapons: Melee weapons such as swords and axes are always in demand. You can craft them using weaponsmithing.
  • Enchanted items: Enchanting items with special abilities can increase their value significantly. You can craft them using imbuer.
  • Gathering tools: Gathering tools such as pickaxes and sickles are essential for resource gathering. You can craft them using toolmaking.

Blacksmith crafting a sword in a forge

By mastering the crafting process, investing in your stations, and focusing on high-demand items, you can become a successful crafter in Albion Online. Remember to join a guild, research the market, and always look for ways to improve your efficiency and profits.

Specialized Crafting

While there are various crafting professions available in Albion Online, some of the most exciting and unique items are crafted by those with rare and specialized crafting professions. These professions require a significant amount of time and effort to level up, but the rewards are well worth it for those who are willing to put in the work.

The Process and Requirements

Specialized crafting professions require a player to have a high level of mastery in specific areas of crafting. For example, to become a Master Blacksmith, a player must first reach a high level of proficiency in general blacksmithing before they can specialize. Once they have achieved that, they can then choose to specialize in one of three areas: plate armor, heavy weapons, or siege weaponry.

Once a player has chosen their specialization, they must continue to level up their mastery in that area by crafting items and completing specific tasks. As they progress, they will unlock new recipes and gain access to rare and powerful items that can only be crafted by those with their level of mastery.

Unique Items and Equipment

Some of the most exciting items that can be crafted by those with specialized crafting professions include powerful weapons, rare armor sets, and unique siege weaponry. For example, Master Blacksmiths who specialize in heavy weapons can craft items such as the Galatine Pair, a pair of powerful swords that deal massive damage to multiple targets, or the Black Monk Stave, a staff that increases a player’s ability to dodge and deal critical hits.

Other specialized crafting professions include Master Carpenters, who can craft powerful bows and crossbows, Master Leatherworkers, who can craft durable leather armor sets, and Master Stonemasons, who can craft powerful magical staves. Each of these professions requires a significant amount of time and effort to level up, but the rewards are well worth it for those who are willing to put in the work.

A player crafting a rare and powerful item with a specialized crafting profession

Overall, specialized crafting professions offer a unique and exciting way for players to differentiate themselves from others in the game. By investing time and effort into leveling up their mastery in specific areas, they can gain access to some of the rarest and most powerful items in Albion Online.


Albion Online offers a unique and immersive crafting experience that can provide players with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Crafting is an essential aspect of the game that allows players to create their equipment, tools, and resources, enabling them to progress through the game’s challenges and adventures. Whether you’re a new player or an experienced one, crafting is a must-try activity that can provide you with hours of enjoyment and possibilities.

The Importance of Crafting in Albion Online

Crafting in Albion Online is not just a secondary activity; it is a crucial aspect of the game that can significantly affect your gameplay experience. By crafting your equipment and resources, you can save money, obtain unique items, and even make a profit by selling your creations in the market. Moreover, crafting can enhance your character’s skills and abilities, providing you with unique perks and bonuses that can give you an edge in combat and exploration.

Encouragement to Try Crafting

If you have never tried crafting in Albion Online, we encourage you to give it a try. Crafting can be a rewarding and exciting activity that can provide you with many benefits. Start by choosing a crafting profession that suits your playstyle and interests; whether you prefer gathering resources, creating weapons, or crafting armor, there is a profession for everyone. Experiment with different materials and recipes, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes; crafting is a learning process that requires patience and perseverance.

As you progress through the game, you will discover new recipes, materials, and crafting techniques that will enhance your skills and provide you with unique items and equipment. Join a guild or a community of crafters to share your knowledge and learn from others. Crafting in Albion Online is a vast and exciting world that can provide you with endless possibilities and adventures.

In conclusion, crafting in Albion Online is an essential and rewarding activity that can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. Whether you’re a casual or a hardcore player, crafting is a must-try activity that can provide you with many benefits and possibilities. So what are you waiting for? Grab your tools and materials and start crafting today!

Artisan crafting a sword in a forge

Thank you for reading our guide on crafting in Albion Online. We hope that you have found it informative and helpful. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to us. We wish you the best of luck in your crafting adventures!

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